Extraordinary online tale of ‘George the Cat’s arrival from Sydney.

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Wednesday, 7th September 2016
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“We recently flew this beautiful cat from Sydney to Dublin in the main thanks to the kindness of strangers, and Fiona’s friends say’s Kevin of K International Freight, Ireland”. George the ginger Cat was part of an online campaign and fundraiser in Sydney to help reunite with her owner Fiona.

George is a ten-year-old cat who lived with his owner Fiona in Sydney, Australia for his whole life. However, when his owner had to return to Ireland last year for ill health, she left the cat with her neighbour. She had hoped it would be a temporary situation and that she would soon return to Sydney but unfortunately George's owner had to remain in Ireland.

The neighbour took care of George until he had to move away, leaving the cat to "fend for himself" according to a Facebook page. "Sometime later, George either was dumped or managed to travel 20km away from the only home he knew."

However, the little cat had been fitted with a microchip and was easily tracked down and brought to the vet - that's when Fiona decided he needed to come to Ireland.

Thanks to the support of a Facebook campaign called Bring George Home, Fiona's friends and random kind-hearted strangers and cat lovers raised money for George's vet bills and ticket fare to bring him home.

Her friend Ronan told Independent.ie that "Fiona is elated and full of gratitude to all the people who helped her get George back, it was one of the best days of her life to be reunited with the friend she never thought she'd meet again.

 It's unbelievable, she thought her friends were joking and didn't believe it was possible, she is completely overwhelmed."


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 Source: Independent.ie

Date:  4th September 2016