Moving Two Cats from Dublin to Toronto

By Emer Anne ,
Tuesday, 7th February 2017
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Moving your entire life across the world is considered one of the most stressful life-changing events. I can tell you from personal experience that bringing your pets along with you makes it even more difficult. Luckily K International Freight were there to make the ordeal a whole lot easier when my husband and I relocated from Dublin to Toronto.

When we decided to make the big move, there was no question about bringing our cats. We’re not crazy cat people by any stretch but we are very attached to the two little fluffballs. We knew sorting out the paperwork and medical requirements would be complicated – but we had no idea just how hard it is for the average person to decipher.

After reading the strict regulation from the Irish and Canadian governments as well as the airlines and airports themselves, I became completely overwhelmed.  It seemed that one slip-up in paperwork could mean our cats would be sent on the next flight back to Dublin, or even worse – put down if we weren’t able to pay for it.

We knew that we needed the services of a professional to make sure things ran smoothly first time round.  K International Freight was recommended to us by our vet.  We’d built a good relationship with her over the years dealing with our kitties so we trusted her choice.  And she was right.

From the very beginning, Kevin, the owner, answered all of our questions (and we had a lot of them!) without overly complicating things.  He communicated directly with our vet to make sure vaccinations and medical paperwork lined up with flight times.  With my husband and I both working full time, there is no way we would have been able to arrange all of this ourselves – as well as having to pack our whole lives into suitcases for the journey.

Kevin knows his stuff.  He organized absolutely everything for us - airline approved carry crates, Department of Agriculture attendance on departure day, all customs and airline documentation, crate labelling, feed/water trays and probably 100 other things we didn’t know about!

When the day came, I was still quite anxious about our kitties’ safety. I met with Sue at Dublin airport and she immediately put me at ease.  I would say this is the best part of the service we received from  K International Freight.  I could tell she was an animal lover and was truly concerned for my pets’ wellbeing.  She even let me sneak my cats’ small blankets into their crates so they’d have a familiar object to sleep on.  She also advised that we remove their collars for safety – something I’d never have thought of.

After an emotional goodbye, our cats embarked on their journey.  We wouldn’t follow them for another week so a family member was to collect them. Kevin gave us comprehensive instructions for our contact on the other side and after a day of waiting patiently and tracking their plane on flightradar24, they made it!

I highly recommend  if you’re moving a pet abroad.  Without their help, I don’t think we would have been able to do it.  It was worth every cent we paid.

Emer Ann

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