So, it’s Time to Fly your Pet this Summer

By kinternational
Wednesday, 8th May 2019
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As a responsible Pet Relocation company we wish to highlight to all our clients the importance of looking after your pets during these summer months.

Flying pets year round is a detailed process that requires careful planning especially as these warmer months raise even new challenges so here are our expert advice for you.

Check Airlines:

Airlines and pet relocators always have your pet’s safety and wellbeing at heart which may restrict some breeds of pet’s traveling to some destinations in summer.

Direct flights and connections:

We will endeavour to book your pet on a direct flight if possible or a safest onward connection if necessary.

Book early and suggested best times for flying:

The best times for flying pets in summer is early morning or before 6 P.M, although for some long haul destinations that do not have direct flights we can overnight your pet’s at Frankfurt’s Animal Lounge which is open 24 hours. Best days to fly are usually Monday to Friday. Availability is limited so early booking is advisable.

Prepare your pet’s travel crate:

Make sure your pet’s airline approved travel crate is the right size for them. Lining your pets crate with an absorbent material like shredded paper will keep your pet dry and cool.

Provide Cold water while flying:

We suggest freezing the container filled water overnight so that the water is melting ice during your pet’s flight.

Should you have any questions about restrictions for flying pets in summer, crate sizes, scheduling of flights or documentation please contact us and we would be delighted to help you.