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Additional Requirements for Exporting Dogs to EU and non-EU Countries from 1 September 2016

Since the end of March 2016 SI 63 (2015) the Microchipping of Dogs Regulations (2015) now legally requires that all dogs regardless of age be:

microchipped, and
have their up to date and complete owner details registered with an authorised database organisation.

This includes all dogs for export to both EU and non-EU countries.

In order to ensure best practice for traded dogs the Department will be requesting proof of Microchipping and registration for all dogs exported to EU and non-EU countries from 1 September 2016; this is required, in addition to the standard requirements for the export of dogs.

Action Required

In addition to presenting valid completed documentation required for export, exporters will also be required to produce the microchip registration certificate for each dog being exported. 

Microchip certificates should be obtained from the database organisation which the dog is registered with, the exporter should allow sufficient time to register and have the certificate issued in time for export. 

There are four databases authorised under SI 63/15, the Microchipping of Dogs Regulations (2015):

Irish Kennel Club;
Microdog ID Ltd (Irish Coursing Club).

Only the above databases are authorised. Documentation from other organisations is not an acceptable substitute.

Additional information on the Microchipping of dogs can be obtained from the Departments website

or by e-mailing


Source: Department of Agriculture, Animal Health and Welfare Division

August  2016