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K International Freight offer Pet Transport from and to Dublin Ireland, Pet Shipping from and to Dublin Ireland, we are market leaders in Pet Relocation and specialise in Pet Travel from and to Ireland of Live Animal consignments of domestic pets Dogs- Cats-Aquatics etc, 

Our popular Pet Travel and Pet Shipping and Pet Transport  from and to Dublin, Ireland, UK, London, Spain, Malaga, Alicante, Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, France, Paris, Nice, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille, Germany, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, Portugal, Faro, Lisbon, Italy, Rome, Milan, Venice, Switzerland, Zurich, Geneva, Greece,  Athens, Belgium, Brussels, Holland,  Amsterdam, Hungary, Budapest, Austria, Vienna, Denmark, Copenhagen, Sweden, Stockholm , Malmo, Norway, Oslo, Russia, Moscow , Estonia, Tallinn, Poland, Warsaw, Krakow, Finland, Helsinki, Czech Republic, Prague, Malta, Valletta, Vilnius, Croatia, Zagreb, Lativa, Riga, Ukraine, Kiev, USA, New York JFK, New York Newark, Chicago, Washington Dulles, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, Seattle, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Denver,  Detroit, Austin, Philadelphia, Canada, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary , Montreal, Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand , Auckland, Christchurch, South Africa, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kenya, Nairobi, Middle East , UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Israel, Tel Aviv, Bahrain , Turkey, Istanbul, Kuwait, Qatar, Doha, Jordan, Amman, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Dammam, Far East, China, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Tokyo, Osaka, South Korea, Seoul, Taiwan, Taipei,  Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur,  Indonesia, Jakarta, Singapore, Philippines, Manila, Thailand, Bangkok, India, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and more...

Our Airline / Pet Travel partners include: Aer Lingus, British Airways , Lufthansa Airlines, Sas Airlines, Klm Airlines, Air France, Iberia, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines

Our proven expertise will ensure your pet arrives to its destination in the quickest most cost effective and safest maner. 

We are members of IPATA which allows us to offer not just our expertise in Ireland but worldwide through our fellow professional pet and other live animal and Pet Travel and Pet Transport Specialists located around the world.

Our Live Animal services include the following:

  • Full advice on pet shipping documentary requirements 
  • Personal attendence at time of Export / Import ensuring a safe check in of your pet. 
  • Arranging of Dept of Agriculure Attendence. 
  • Provision of fully IATA Approved Transport Plastic Kennels.
  • Supply of watering / feed trays
  • Supply of Label Requirements
  • Export / Import Customs Clearance
  • Domestic Pets- Cats-Dogs-Aquatics
  • Wooden Crates to IATA Standard
  • Local Collection / Delivery Service

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