Tips for Lufthansa Airlines Pet Transport and Pet Travel Ireland to Worldwide Destinations

By: kinternational
Posted on: 21-Sep-2020
If you are planning Pet Travel with your pet’s, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits Etc.… with Lufthansa Airlines from Dublin to Worldwide destinations we are delighted to offer you some tips and our vast experience of the International Pet Transport.

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Extraordinary online tale of ‘George the Cat’s arrival from Sydney.

By: Kinternational
Posted on: 07-Sep-2016
Filed under: General
“We recently flew this beautiful cat from Sydney to Dublin in the main thanks to the kindness of strangers, and Fiona’s friends say’s Kevin of K International Freight, Ireland”. George the ginger Cat was part of an online campaign and fundraiser in Sydney to help reunite with her owner Fiona.

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National Puppy Day

By: kinternational
Posted on: 24-Mar-2016
Filed under: General
National Puppy Day is a special day to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives. But more importantly, it's a day to help save orphaned puppies across the globe and educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills.

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Dog café opens in Dublin to welcome the city’s pooches

Posted on: 25-Feb-2016
Filed under: General
A new café geared towards dog lovers and their companions opened its doors in Dublin last week to a great reception from the city’s pet owners.

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K International Freight are now Approved Pet Carrier on The Department of Agriculture Website

By: Kevin
Posted on: 26-Mar-2015
Filed under: General, Regulation
We are proud to report that K International Freight are now an approved pet carrier on the Department of Agriculture website. We believe that this is a reflection of the high standard of care and attention we ensure that all of the animals entrusted in our care receive.

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