How to travel with a Ferret

By: Anja
Posted on: 07-Mar-2017
Filed under: Pet Travel

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Moving Two Cats from Dublin to Toronto

By: Emer Anne ,
Posted on: 07-Feb-2017
Filed under: Pet Travel
Moving your entire life across the world is considered one of the most stressful life-changing events. I can tell you from personal experience that bringing your pets along with you makes it even more difficult. Luckily K International Freight were there to make the ordeal a whole lot easier when my husband and I relocated from Dublin to Toronto.

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Dog Friendly Café Paws open’s at Ardgillan Castle, Co Dublin.

By: K International Freight
Posted on: 10-Aug-2016
Filed under: Pet Travel
In a pioneering concept, Paws at Ardgillan is a unique new café that will give dog walkers the opportunity to dine with their dogs in the stunning surrounds of Ardgillan Castle. The dog-friendly facility is one of the first in Ireland and is certainly the first feature of its kind in a municipal park in the country.

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Pet Quarantine in Sydney Australia

By: kinternational
Posted on: 02-Jun-2015
Filed under: Pet Travel
The Department of Agriculture, animal division has issued the following information which will come into effect later 2015.

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Pet Travel is Safest in Years

By: kinternationalfreight
Posted on: 26-Mar-2015
Filed under: Pet Travel
According to the latest data ( released from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), 17 animals died during transport on U.S. airlines in 2014; the lowest number in years.

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